AdQuick Post-Mortem

Hello! Last month, Bennett Creative asked me to help shoot this full-length ad:

In addition, we shot five short social media vignettes. To my surprise, Bennett Creative asked me to edit these for them!

The Vignettes


This was the first vignette I edited. What you see is almost unaltered from my first pass! Both Bennett Creative and AdQuick themselves had practically no notes for me, which was another pleasant surprise!


After the first one, I worked at a pace of about two vignettes per day. This one was a fun challenge because the actor playing Dan never quite nailed that line with all of the acronyms. So I cobbled together a few takes and lip-synced them (in my opinion) pretty seamlessly!


This was the vignette I was most excited to edit. The actor playing Andy was incredibly talented, and his delivery throughout these takes made everyone on set crack up laughing. I remember thinking to myself "I wish I could edit these takes."


I should mention the stylish endslate! Dorothy Bennett herself showed me how to achieve the effect of the logo "drawing iself" in After Effects, and I just adjusted the timing.


Color-correcting this one was challenging, because of the variability in fog, but thankfully one of Bennett Creative's resident editors, Ryan, helped me to use a De-Noising plugin that made everything look sharp, and the cinematographer Blake did a final pass on color to clean up my work.


The entire process took about four days. I was honored to get to do such high-profile work for such a talented studio! Every step of the process was so cool, and so fun.

5 Apr 2023