Documentary Work

Interlace Doc (2023)

A mini-doc I helped shoot and edit. I accompanied Bennett Creative during the 2023 Interlace Customer Health Summit, where I helped shoot interviews and b-roll. Then I somehow went through all the footage and edited a first pass in the span of one 14.5-hr editing session 😮‍💨

SOI Ad (2023)

A mini-doc I edited. The filming team at Bennett Creative was asked to film for two days, and I was handed the resulting 4-5 hours of interviews and b-roll! I used the text transcription feature in Adobe Premiere to facilitate a quicker edit.

HAAM Loves You (2023)

A series of six testimonials I edited for the non-profit HAAM (at Bennett Creative).

Dany Musician Interview (2019)

A mini-doc I edited for The Paisano, an independent student newspaper.

UTSA 50th Anniversary Ceremony (2019)

Coverage of the University of Texas at San Antonio's 50th Anniversary Ceremony, which I filmed and edited for The Paisano.

UTSA Fiesta 2019 Celebration (2019)

A video I filmed and edited, highlighting the excitement at the University of Texas at San Antonio's 2019 Fiesta celebrations. Created for The Paisano.