Paul McCartney & Wings - Discography "Fixtape" (2020)

Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, I recut all seven of Paul McCartney’s “Wings” albums from 1971-1979.

I reordered the tracklists, restored cut content, and in many cases re-edited and remixed songs, with the goal of making my own definitive versions of each album. For instance, below is my truncated edit of 'Seaside Woman.'

The Book of Genre (2017)

My first mashup album. (Insired by the work of Neil Cicierega)

A bit of post-mortem: The music theory behind these mashups is dubious and occasionally flat out "wrong." At the time, I had no education in music. However, my motivation was always strictly to treat mashups as a medium for comedy, and I think that there are enough jokes and unpredictable transitions throughout the album to keep it afloat.

An exemplary track that I isolated and created a "music video" for is below:

Book Burning (2017)

My second mashup album.

After receiving criticisms about the music theory in my first album, I educated myself and tried to incorporate them into my second. That said, I did not alter my ethos of treating mashups as a comedic artform. In fact, I left behind most pretense of being "clever" from the first album, and just did whatever made me laugh.