Narrative Work

Cowboy Bebop: The Bounty of the Week Edit (2022)

I recut Netflix’s live action Cowboy Bebop reboot, with the goal of bringing the tone, pacing and story closer to the original anime.

Each episode was brought from 45min -> 25min, and the overall length of the series went from 8h20m -> 3h45m

Re-calculating (2020)

A rough cut I was asked to construct for a short film from 2018 that unfortunately never finished filming. There are notable elements missing, including audio for the character Stephan and a great deal of coverage towards the end. In spite of that, most of the edit is watchable.

(The final shots were never filmed at all. The ultimate punchline was going to be the characters piling into their car to drive to New York, as their GPS "re-calculates.")

The Struggle (2020)

A short film I edited (and starred in) for my Spring 2020 'Digital Video Production' course at UTSA.