Advertising Work

AdQuick (2023)

A series of short ads I edited for Bennett Creative. You can read more about my process here!

Tanthious Trailer (2022)

A trailer I recorded and edited for the game Tanthious's Kickstarter. You can read more about my process here!

Cowboy Bebop Trailer (2022)

Just a little trailer I made for a personal project.

Cruise Self-Driving Car Ad (2022)

A promo I assisted on for Bennett Creative LLC.

Buckelew Realty Ads (2021)

A promo I was asked to edit out of some photos, videos, and a voiceover. I made two versions, one long, and one short.

Buckelew Happy Dance Spots (2022)

Two brief ads I put together for a client. From one batch of footage, I created two slightly different ads for two different services that the company provides.

Buckelew Testimonial Series (2021)

A series of 80 short testimonial clips that I isolated from various interviews with my client's customers.

Library Ad (2018)

An ad that I directed from pre to post-production: I handled scripting, storyboarding, casting, directing, filming, editing, dubbing, and color correction.

AFN Radio Spots (2017-2018)

More than 60 radio spots I produced for the American Forces Network Benelux, a radio/television station in Jurbise, Belgium.

I wrote, voiced, and edited all of the above examples (and many more can be found on the linked Soundcloud profile). Each one was based on a publicity request by an organization in the local military community.

Harry Potter and the Battle of the Benelux (2018)

An ad I helped to film and to edit. Two versions were edited; this was mine! I did all of the editing, VFX, sound design, and color correction for this version.